Ergonomics in kitchens

Understanding your Kitchen:
An ideal kitchen is planned as per the below mentioned components.
Ergonomics of Kitchen: Segregated into 3 major areas based on the placement of most used,less frequently used and infrequently used kitchen items.
Kitchen Zones: Consists of 8 distinct zones determined by different working and storage areas in a kitchen.
Kitchen Planning: Plan your kitchen perfectly with the Work Triangle and the 26 Feet Rule.
Ergonomics of Kitchen:
Kitchen Zones:
PREPARATION ZONE: Stores various kitchen tools and food items that are required for food preparation. Appliance & Peripherals ZONE: Stores all the major and minor appliances including refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.
Cooking Zone: Consists of primary appliances like cooking hob, chimney and utensils. Cleaning Zone: Consists of the sink, utensil cleaning equipment and disposal/ garbage units.
Consumable Storage Zone: Stores all food items right from cereals & grains to ready-to-eat packets. Display Zone: Place to keep display items like planters & vases to enhance kitchen ambience.
China & Cutlery Zone: Stores both frequently and rarely used cutlery. Serving Zone: Space dedicated for enjoying a relaxed meal.